Competitive eating: Man eats $5,000 worth of caviar in 86 seconds

Posted Apr 21, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
A restaurant in Moscow held its first caviar eating contest and the winner managed to eat $5,000 of the delicacy in about a minute and a half.
The competitive eating contest was held at a restaurant called Apartment, and cost about $65,000 on the contest, reported Gawker. Twelve individuals competed in the challenge.
According to the Telegraph, "I once saw a report on how they made big chocolate truffles in Georgia and organised an eating competition," competition organizer Alexander Novikov said. "I remembered foggy Albion where they compete in nettle speed eating contests and hamburger (speed eating contests) in America. I thought, why shouldn't we do our own, Russian competition? So it happened."
Alexander Lavrov, 49, won the event after eating approximately 500 grams (about one pound) of caviar in a remarkable 86 seconds.
Lavrov won 10,000 rubles ($340) and several additional jars of caviar for his prize, reported Ridus News (via Fox News).
Fox News reported a restaurant representative said, "In Texas, people organize hot dog and hamburger eating championships and contests. In Moscow, people eat black caviar instead."
RT has posted photos from the event.