Video: Senior citizens stage flash mob dance at Dulles mall

Posted Apr 16, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
A group of senior citizens recently staged a surprise flash mob at a Virginia shopping mall. The group of 25 pensioners staged an impromptu synchronized dance that attracted a crowd at the Dulles Town Center mall on Friday.
Seniors from Ashby Ponds retirement community at Dulles Town Mall
Seniors from Ashby Ponds retirement community at Dulles Town Mall
YouTube/Ashby Ponds
The group was composed of senior citizens 66 to 80 from the retirement community Ashby Ponds in Ashburn Virgina. They had been rehearsing their synchronized dance to Outasight's "Tonight is the Night," for months before they performed in public.
According to WTOP, Carl Hemmer, the oldest member of the group had no idea what a flash mob was until he began rehearsing with the group.WTOP reports Jessica McKay, public affairs manager of the retirement community, said none of the participants had been involved in a flash mob before. She said: "I definitely had to show them some examples on YouTube."
Plans for the dance mob first began late last year and by late January, Arthur Murray Dance Studio sent a choreographer to begin rehearsals with the group.
Phyllis Lyne, 71, a member of the group, said she was pleased the performance went without a hitch. She said: "We were all surprised that we all got there and nobody fell down and we had a good time."
The amusing video shows the senior citizens clapping and moving in unison while people at the mall watched. The video was posted to YouTube and has attracted thousands of views. YouTube viewers were generally delighted and amused at the performance. Someone commented; "Great to see old folks showing their moves." Another viewer commented: "Good´╗┐ for them. They did a great job and had fun doing it. Put a smile on my face."
Daily Mail reports Dan Dunne, director of communications at Erickson Living, the company that operates Ashby Ponds, praised the participants: "They've been faithfully rehearsing for a couple of months now." He said: "Dozens and dozens of their neighbors came out to watch. It's a really neat community, they find life so enjoyable there."
WAMU reports this is not the first project the residents of Ashby Ponds have been involved in. He said that last year, they put together "a racy pin-up calender." He explained: "There were photos taken throughout the campus of women and men... you'd have to look at the Internet to get an appreciation for it."