Video: YouTube subway hero, Snackman, becomes hit with NY ladies

Posted Apr 14, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
New York city now has a real life Avenger superhero in Charles Sonder, 24, alias Snackman. Sonder, a Brooklyn architect, became famous after a video showing his calm movie-style intervention in a brawl between a man and woman was posted to YouTube.
YouTube screengrab / EITANNOYZE
The Snackman video has logged over one million views since it was first posted on April 2. reports that since he shot to fame, Sonder has received 50 messages from interested ladies, including marriage proposals.
According to MSNBC, Sonder and a friend, on a Thursday night, March 29, got on a train to meet friends for drinks. On the train, a fight broke out between a man and a woman, and Sonder simply calmly inserted himself between the fighters with no words spoken, munching on his chips while, unknown to him, someone captured the scene on his camera. Sonder later explained: "I decided to break up the fight when I saw the man kick back at the woman."
The video that shot him to fame shows a woman repeatedly kicking out at a cowering man. Then the man retaliated. Sonder calmly walks in between the two while silently eating from a bag of Pringles. The solid barrier he constitutes between the two soon puts an end to physical fight, but a shouting match over his shoulders continued for a while.
Daily Mail reports Sonder said, "It’s cool to be known for helping people on the subway. I turned around and I saw these two kicking each other pretty viciously. I stepped over and tried to see if I could help."
Sonder, a native of Rhode Island and former all-state wrestler in high school, who stands 6 feet and weights 200 pounds, said: "I thought if I got in the middle of them they would stop hitting each other and diffuse the situation. I guess it's cool to be thought of as some kind of superhero, but I just didn't want to see anyone get hurt. I didn't stop eating the chips during it so we had a laugh about that afterwards. Snackman probably isn't the ideal superhero name, but I guess you take what you can get. Watch out for Snackman, I guess."
The news soon got around that Sonder was single and ladies aspiring to become Ms. Snackwoman began sending in applications. According to, one of the applicants proposed in the comment section of the YouTube video: "Snack Man, will you marry me?"
Another said: "Snack man is cute. Any more videos of him consuming snacks?"
Yet another said: "He is sooooo fine omg i wanna sex him up lol."
But Sonder says he is not in need of help of his Snackman superhero alter ego in that department. But he added speculatively: "Who knows. Maybe someone will stand out of the crowd."
According to ABC News, the video of the fight was posted to YouTube by DJ Eitan Noy, 25. Noy, according to Daily Mail, described how the fight between the man and the woman started: "This dude, at the last moment before the doors closed, stepped in. Instantaneously, she jumps up and starts wailing on him. Punching him in the face, kicking, cursing. Soon as she saw the dude, she started fighting him. Then he kicks back."
Noy said he was too focused on capturing the fight on camera to notice that Sonder was eating his chips and Gummi Bears all through his intervention. He said: “It didn’t really occur to me that seriously until after I was watching the video. Then I watched it and I couldn’t believe what was going on. The guy just stood there and ate chips the whole time.”
ABC News notes Sonder has joined an exclusive class of Internet meme celebrities, the last of which, before Snackman, was the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy." Comments such as: “Fight needs breaking up, chips in,” and “There’s a massive brawl on the subway, Snackman. It’s crunch time!” celebrate Internet's new superhero.