'Shake and bake' meth lab found in Walmart bathroom

Posted Apr 13, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
A meth lab has been discovered in a women's bathroom in a Walmart located in Alabama. A member of Walmart's cleaning crew found an empty package of pseudoephedrine pills and a plastic water bottle filled with residue.
Soda bottles are often used to make meth
Soda bottles are often used to make meth
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The meth lab was found over this past weekend, and was of the "shake and bake", or "one pot" type; a very dangerous method.
According to Gadsden Times, Boaz Police Chief Terry David said workers found five empty packages of pseudoephedrine and a Nestle water bottle in the early morning hours in the Walmart bathroom.
The crew contacted the store's managers, who in turn, contacted local police.
“That kind of blew my mind when I read the report,” Chief Terry Davis told WHNT News. “We’ve found a lot of shake and bake meth labs in different places but never inside a business.”
Last Dec. a woman was caught cooking meth in one of the aisles of a Walmart in Oklahoma. It is not uncommon to read about explosions, accidents and contaminations due to meth labs; additionally meth-related burns are also on the rise.
Mobile meth labs have become an increasingly large problem in society. One county in Ohio is reporting mobile meth labs have increased by a whopping 400 percent since 2010 with over 50 incidents so far in 2012.
Interestingly, the brand of pseudoephedrine was not a Walmart brand, so this has puzzled authorities why the culprit would have entered a Walmart restroom to cook the methamphetamine.
At this time no suspect has been identified and the investigation is ongoing. Authorities are reviewing a store surveillance tape to see if they can ascertain more information.