Titanic's 5th Officer Lowe posthumously honoured by plaque

Posted Apr 11, 2012 by Paul Iddon
A blue plague has been made at the retirement home of the Titanic's fifth officer Lowe for the heroic actions he took on the night of the fateful sinking.
Titanic s fifth officer Harold Lowe.
Titanic's fifth officer Harold Lowe.
BBC News, ITV News and ABC Online have reported on the unveiling of a blue plague to honour the fifth officer of the Titanic Mr. Harold Lowe.
His grandson Mr. John Lowe has stated that he always held his grandfather in great esteem. He said his grandfather was very "reticent to talk about" the events that transpired that night and added that he hadn't realized the full extent to which he had gone back to rescue people in the freezing cold water after the liner went down. He further went on to explain that:
"My Grandfather just went about the job he knew - to try to get the lifeboats with people in them away, and have no accidents. My grandfather loaded number 14 and went on-board with her.
He collected four other lifeboats, tied them together and then dispersed his passengers into other lifeboats so that he had an empty lifeboat to return."
Lowe had previously helped fill the lifeboats and was known to have on at least one occasion discharged his firearm firing it in the air to keep order among mobs that tried to push and shove their way to board the limited number of lifeboats.
Lowe had commanded the only lifeboat that went back for survivors, pulling a mere four -- out of the original 1,500 that went in -- from the freezing cold North Atlantic, three of whom survived.