Time 100 — Anonymous leading the pack ahead of reddit

Posted Apr 10, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Each year the public gets the chance to vote for the person they consider most influential. Anonymous, while not a "person" per se, is ahead of reddit in the popular annual Time 100 poll, with announcements of the winner to be made on April 17.
Image on a Chinese government website hacked by Anonymous.
Image on a Chinese government website hacked by Anonymous.
Screen capture from hacked website
In 2011, Time Magazine announced its Person of the Year - The Protester, much to the delight of protesters worldwide from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street to 15m in Spain.
Time 100 is where people vote in a poll for those they consider to be the most influential people in the world. The list can include artists, researchers, reformers, heads of state, activists and captains of industry. These are the people who spark dialogue in the world, sometimes dissent and also occasionally revolution.
When it comes to the internet, Anonymous is popular. And now in the polls for Time 100, Anonymous is leading ahead of reddit.
Anonymous is a collective of "hacktivists" worldwide, famous for hacking websites like the FBI, CIA, large corporations and other government sites in protest against what they consider wrongdoing by the parties involved.
At the moment, Anonymous is sitting at number one in the list, as can be seen here.
Anonymous holds an impressive 395,793 votes, giving them a lead over Erik Martin, who is the general manager of reddit, the social news website. Martin has only received 264,193 yes votes.
An unnamed source has apparently told social media web site Mashable that "Anonymous had most likely hacked the vote to take top spot."
Anonymous immediately responded via Twitter, saying the Mashable “article on the #Time100 vote is complete rubbish.”
Their next tweet? “Dear @mashable, ever stop to think maybe we're leading because, IDK, people like us & actually VOTED for #Anonymous?”
So now we wait until the final results are announced on April 17.