Libertarians bring Ron Paul Revolution up north with Liberty Fest

Posted Apr 6, 2012 by Andrew Moran
A Ron Paul Revolution up north? Liberty Fest is coming to Canada this fall and could be one of the largest gatherings of freedom lovers, followers of Austrian Economics and anti-statists ever in the country.
Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty
Derek Jensen
If you’re not a political junkie in Canada, you’d probably surmise that the nation only has four political parties: Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat and Green. In fact, there are quite a number of political parties vying for office, such as the Libertarians, Socialists, Progressive Canadian, Maple and the list goes on.
Unfortunately for much of these parties, they only garner a fraction of the vote in each provincial or federal electoral district. The Libertarian Party usually gains the most votes out of the minor political parties in the election years. In the coming years, though, they are hoping to convey libertarianism to political prominence and show freedom-loving Canadians that the Ron Paul Revolution can be continued north of the border.
In the political mainstream, the ideas of Austrian Economics, civil liberties, a sound monetary policy and the eradication of prohibitionist policies are not often espoused. This fall, like-minded individuals, who accept the principles of liberty, libertarianism and objectivism, can gather for the Canadian Liberty Fest 2012 in Toronto (in association with Ludwig von Mises Institute Canada).
This social networking conference will be held at the University of Toronto’s Victoria College on Nov. 3 – the Ontario Libertarian Party’s Annual General Meeting will take place the following day. The purpose of this event is to share ideas, discuss the issues of the day that civil and economic liberties and listen to some Canadian leaders, who will pontificate what it means to be libertarian.
Commercial organizations, representatives from free market institutions and financial advisors are being asked to attend to share their knowledge on Austrian Economics, monetary matters and general economic affairs that affect all three levels of government and worldwide.
In an email to Digital Journal, Allen Small, one of the main organizers of the festival and leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party, stated that Stefan Molyneux, author and host of the Freedomain Radio, will deliver the keynote speech following lunch.
Other invited speakers include:
Gerry Nichols | Political Pundit
Professor Jan Narveson | Author of "The Libertarian Idea"
Doretta Wilson | Society for Quality Education
Speaker | The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF)
Speaker | Law Enforcement against Prohibition (LEAP)
More are expected to be announced within the coming months.
“I believe this could be an excellent opportunity to advance the cause of liberty, plant the flag of Austrian Economics, and limited government on Canadian soil, and help change the social and political conversation in this country,” stated Matt Bufton, Redmond Weissenberger and Small in a press release.
Tickets will go on sale sometime in June; $60 for one full day, $75 for registrants closer to the date, $200 for display tables (two full day passes) and $30 for students.
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