Video: 'World's funniest 5-year-old' rants about lazy parents

Posted Apr 5, 2012 by Anne Sewell
With all the bad news floating around at the moment, it's time for a whole bunch of cute and funny. This 5-year-old comedian is sure to make you laugh as he explains how parents are just plain lazy.
Zay Zay -  World s funniest 5-year-old
Zay Zay - 'World's funniest 5-year-old'
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Meet 5-year-old Zay Zay from Washington, U.S.A. He may be young, but he has already developed a great sense of humour and has loads of confidence.
Now he's about to go viral on YouTube with his rant about lazy parents. With some clever editing, and a lot of ranting, this little lad will go a long way.
His parents have brought Zay Zay up to speak his mind, and boy, does he!
He opens by saying that most people say kids are lazy, but parents are also just plain lazy too. He continues by pointing out that it really wouldn't be that much effort to make him a real sandwich or oatmeal.
And he ends with "The Revolution will not be televised!" Parents beware! The pre-schoolers are about to revolt!
For more Zay Zay, see the video below.