South Thailand bomb blasts kill 9, injure over 100 (updated)

Posted Mar 31, 2012 by Anne Sewell
In Yala, Thailand, three bomb blasts have killed nine people and have wounded many more, according to Thailand's military. One car bomb and two motorcycle bombs were involved.
Bombing in South Thailand
Bombing in South Thailand
Screen capture from video
A spokesman for the southern army region has reported this morning that "Seven people are confirmed dead, more than 68 others were wounded in the Yala bomb blasts."
This has since been updated to 9 dead from the explosions and 112 injured, according to a nurse in the emergency unit at Yala Provincial Hospital. The public health ministry has advised that 10 people are in critical condition with severe burns.
The bomb blasts were in the centre of Yala and occurred at around 12:00 noon on Saturday, around 10 minutes apart.
RT reports that according to local officials, the first explosion was a car bomb. The other two bombs were concealed in motorcycles.
Near the bomb sites, several shops and houses were on fire and many motorcycles and parked cars were damaged by the explosions.
There were reports of another bomb attack in the neighbouring Pattani province in Mae Lan district, but no details are immediately available of casualties.
Southern Thailand suffers from regular terrorist attacks and there is much violence by Muslim extremist insurgent groups in the area.