Pizzeria unveils pizza magnets, push a button, order a pizza

Posted Mar 29, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
A new device may transform the way pizzas are ordered, as a pizzeria in Dubai has just launched the pizza magnet. All a customer has to do is push a button, and a pizza is on the way.
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Several years ago the ability to order food online was launched, and has become commonplace as a method for ordering take-out.
As technology progressed, this method was made even easier through use of smartphone apps, as Dominos Pizza has done.
Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has just kicked it up another notch, simplifying the convenience factor even further, making ordering take-out food practically effortless.
According to Mashable, "impulse eaters beware", as this new device truly makes ordering a pizza as easy as a tap of the finger.
The magnet, called the VIP Fridge Magnet, is a pizza box shaped magnet and has a direct 'line' to the pizzeria. All a customer has to do is push the button, this triggers a connection to the Internet via Bluetooth on a smartphone. Shortly afterward, Red Tomato Pizza sends a confirmation text and proceeds to deliver.
CNET reports that pizza lovers can customize the default pizza order by pressing the button and ordering a different kind of pizza pie.
The company might just be onto something here, probably won't be too long until the concept spreads to other businesses as well.
Traditionally, magnets have been given out by proprietors as a marketing and advertising technique, however, Red Tomato Pizza has transformed their giveaway to also serve as a way to potentially increase their conversion rate immediately. With this magnet, it is designed to not only keep the brand name visible, but also actively encourage the customer to take action by pushing it, creating a sale, simply because it's designed to be placed on the refrigerator.
Those experiencing a hunger pang or craving, might just push that button. In terms of conversions to sales, Red Tomato Pizza might have just struck gold with VIP Fridge Magnets.