Tenacious D returns to the scene with new video

Posted Mar 28, 2012 by Abigail Prendergast
The musical duo comprised of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, a.k.a. Tenacious D is back in action with a new album. Almost six years after a failed film endeavor, the two musicians are about to bring "the greatest album of all freakin' time" to the masses.
Jack Black
Jack Black
Glenn Francis
The satirical rock music group, Tenacious D, has made quite the comeback via music video. The duo which consists of actor/musician Jack Black and Kyle Gass released the video clip "To Be The Best."
According to AceShowBiz, said video portrays Black and Gass after enduring the subsequent failure of a movie they produced entitled, "The Pick of Destiny," along with an accordant album of the same name which was released in 2006.
While Kyle has a breakdown and is thus institutionalized, Jack vows to and does become "insanely famous and successful."
Black, dubbed "Hollywood Jack", who lived life being "the happiest and most fulfilled human that ever lived," while buying mansions, meditating alongside monks and engaging in excessive drug activity was, according to a video, apparently never going to reunite with Gass, making Tenacious D "dead and gone forever."
Beaten, broken and seemingly suffering from a permanent cut-off from Black, Kyle Gass is still unable to distance himself from what was Tenacious D.
The journey that ultimately reunites the D - contrary to the media's spin on the situation - comes to a head when Gass appears at Hollywood Jack's pad and attempts to shoot him. The bullet is, however, taken by actor Val Kilmer, who just happened to be a guest at the mansion that day.
The "hug heard 'round the world" signals D's triumphant reunion, but upon a 75-minute studio recording session, a sub-par album comes about and the duo cannot seem to remember how to make a good record. As such they recruit Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and "opera pop singer" Josh Groban to assist with creating an album worthy of Tenacious D's standard.
The product of the endeavor just happens to be "the greatest album of all freakin’ time."
The record, entitled Rize of the Fenix will officially be released on May 15.