Costa Concordia: under sunken Italian liner, 5 more bodies found

Posted Mar 24, 2012 by Marcus Hondro
More than two months after the Italian liner, the Costa Concordia, hit rocks near the island of Giglio and sunk, 5 more bodies have been found. It brings the number of bodies recovered to 30 with 2 still missing and presumed to have drowned.
The capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia  half submerged on the rocks off the Tuscan coast of Italy
The capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia, half submerged on the rocks off the Tuscan coast of Italy
Il Fatto Quotidiano
Unlike the previous bodies found, these 5 were not found in the ship itself, but underneath, trapped between the hull and the rocky seabed. Franco Gabrielli, chief of the Civil Protection Agency that is overseeing the Concordia operation, said they do not yet have information on the sexes of the bodies. The last grouping of bodies found, 8 of them in late February, have not yet been identified.
The search for Costa Concordia victims
In the days following the tragedy, family members of the missing began to arrive in Giglio, looking for information on their loved ones. A group of them went out in a boat to the ship on Feb. 13, one month after the sinking, and threw flowers in the water to honor their dead. The family of a Costa Concordia crew member, Russell Rebello, said at that time that he and his parents continued to hold out hope that somehow his brother could be found alive.
There were over 4200 passengers and crew on the ship the night she went down after making a pass too close to Giglio, an Italian island off the coast of Tuscany. The captain of the vessel, Francesco Schettino, faces multiple charges in the tragedy, including causing a shipwreck and abandoning his ship; he awaits his trial while under house arrest at his home near Naples.