Woman charged trying to bring gun on plane

Posted Mar 18, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
A 61-year-old woman has been charged with attempting to bring a gun onto an airplane at a Chicago airport. The firearm was found in a bag at the Midway International Airport.
According to CBS News, on Thurs., March 15 the woman tried to bring a gun on board in her carry-on bag.
The gun, a .25 caliber RG Industries semi-automatic handgun, was found in the bag by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent as the bag was screened by X-ray.
The woman admitted to agents she owned the gun, however, said she did not realize the firearm was in her bag. She was arrested at 8:35 a.m., reported the Chicago Tribune. Reportedly, the gun was not loaded.
Elaine Robertson, of Chicago, has been charged by officials of attempting to board an aircraft with a weapon. Her bond was set on Friday at $75,000.
Last month a 51-year-old Chicago man was also arrested at Midway after a handgun was found in his carry-on bag.
CBS News had reported a TSA spokesperson said TSA agents find weapons approximately four times a day at U.S. airports.