Stephen Hawking to have cameo on 'Big Bang Theory'

Posted Mar 14, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
It looks like renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has a new gig. Hawking is scheduled to make a cameo appearance on the hit CBS sitcom, 'Big Bang Theory'.
Dr. Stephen Hawking  a professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge  delivers a speech en...
Dr. Stephen Hawking, a professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, delivers a speech entitled "Why we should go into space"
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Hawking will guest star on the Apr. 5 episode.
The series, which is rooted in science topics, often refers to the famous theoretical physicist in conversation as Hawking is one of the "Sheldon" character's heroes. Jim Parsons plays the role of the eccentric Sheldon.
"When people would ask us who a 'dream guest star' for the show would be, we would always joke and say Stephen Hawking -- knowing that it was a long shot of astronomical proportions," Bill Prady, the series' executive producer, said in a statement on the CBS website. "In fact, we’re not exactly sure how we got him. It’s the kind of mystery that could only be understood by, say, a Stephen Hawking."
Now in it's fifth season, the series appears to be on a winning streak with scoring notable people as guest stars. It was just announced at the end of Feb. that Leonard Nimoy would be a guest star on the scheduled March 29 episode of the show.
Actor Jim Parsons (at Comic Con 2009)
Actor Jim Parsons (at Comic Con 2009)
Kristin Dos Santos
Last month astronaut Mike Massimino also put in an appearance on the popular TV show.
Hawking, who recently just reached the birthday milestone of 70, is not exactly a stranger to comedy television as he has guest voiced on The Simpsons and Futurama.
Currently CBS appears to be keeping the details of Hawking's appearance under wraps, and no word on whether or not any hints will be given prior to the show's airing.