Time-lapse video shows pregnancy-to-birth in 90 seconds

Posted Mar 12, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
A couple took on a unique and creative project they posted on YouTube. They documented the woman's pregnancy in a time-lapse series that showed the growth of her belly over the nine-month period of her pregnancy, and finally birth of a baby girl.
Daily Mail reports the video summarizing the entire nine-month period of the woman's pregnancy in 90 seconds, begins with the woman shown in profile, standing while her partner kisses her flat belly. The two high-five and the man leaves the room. The woman then turns to the camera and points at her belly, presumably to intimate the audience that the high-fiving meant more than was obvious.
What follows is a time-lapsed series showing the woman's belly growing. Objects and pets appear and disappear to indicate the passage of time. At a point in the series the couple appear to move house, after which the man disappears until the woman's belly is fully grown.
The man returns once again and the woman points at her watch indicating it is time. The man gets down on his knees and kisses the woman's belly. As he kisses her belly a baby appears.
The camera then focuses on the baby and her name Amelie Amaya flashes on the screen.
Viewers agree that the time-lapse video is very well executed. A YouTube viewer comments: "I think this one of the best videos I have seen recently, best regards from Serbia."
Daily Mail reports another viewer said: "Beautiful! A well-conceived, wonderfully executed documentation of a magnificent moment in your lives. Thanks for sharing!"
Another viewer deeply touched, said: "Beautiful..You just brought a grown man to tears!"