Home-schooled sisters write song supporting Santorum

Posted Mar 9, 2012 by Nicole Byerly
The girl band First Love, created by sisters Haley and Camille Harris, wrote a song that they hope becomes Rick Santorum's official campaign song.
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
Gage Skidmore
The song, titled “Game On” contains a chorus which goes: “Oh, there is Hope for our Nation again, Maybe the First time since we Had Ronald Reagan, There will be Justice for the Unborn, Factories back on our Shores, Where the Constitution rules our land, Yes, I Believe... Rick Santorum is our Man!”
The sisters posted the video on Youtube on March 6, and it has already had nearly 100,000 viewers and fans posting comments in support. The sisters stated on Youtube that they spent all night on March 4th writing the song until 3 in the morning; followed by waking up early on March 5th to finish writing and get to the studio to record it.
The two sisters have four other siblings, and they are all home-schooled, like the Santorum children, at their home located on a four acre lot. On Camille Harris's blog, she posted that she was impressed by "how unashamedly he spoke his beliefs. He seems very stable and not easily shaken. In my opinion, that’s what this country needs. A true American that fully backs the Constitution.”
Santorum also posted a "Thank You" and shot out on Twitter after watching the video.