Hacker group LulzSec turned in to FBI by own leader

Posted Mar 6, 2012 by Sean Fraser
Hacking group LulzSec was responsible for several high profile security breaches in their time before breaking up eight months ago. Now the FBI is rounding them up, all thanks to their former leader.
The logo to represent the hacking community LulzSec
The logo to represent the hacking community LulzSec
LulzSec logo
LulzSec was headed by a computer security specialist who went by the name Sabu, who was revealed by the FBI to be Hector Xavier Monsegur. Monsegur was arrested and subsequently turned over the information on the other former members, according to CNet.
Fox News reports that Monsegur has been working for months with the FBI in tracking down and apprehending the rest of the hackers involved. The two-continent crackdown has resulted in three arrests and charges of conspiracy for two others.
ZDNet revealed some of the names of those charged and arrested:
Ryan Ackroyd, aka "Kayla”, Jake Davis, aka ”Topiary"- UK
Darren Martyn, aka ”pwnsauce”, Donncha O’Cearrbhail, aka ”palladium”- Ireland
Jeremy Hammond, aka ”Anarchaos”- Chicago, IL.
LulzSec is responsible for numerous government document leaks and have had the FBI and CIA on their hit list. In June 2011, the group went on a tear, hacking into several corporate and government entities, including Bethesda Game Studios, media download site Mediafire, the British NHS, the United States Senate website, and the CIA's website.