Engelbert Humperdinck and the Eurovision, mixed reviews

Posted Mar 3, 2012 by Tim Sandle
The UK entry for the annual pop song contest, the Eurovision Song Contest, has surprised many. Veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck has been selected. This has been described by one newspaper as " an act of desperation or a stroke of genius".
Engelbert Humperdinck
Engelbert Humperdinck
engelbert humperdinck
The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual event across Europe where each country enters a singer or band and representatives from other European nations vote for the winner. The dreaded outcome by any competitor is receiving no points. The contest is one of the longest running television shows in the world. It was first shown on the 24th of May, 1956.
The music over the past few years, with a few exceptions, has tended to be what is often described as 'Europop', this is pop music with a relatively high number of beats per minute by bands fronted by young men or women.
The UK has enjoyed some success at the Eurovision in the past, although latterly the UK entries have not performed very well. This year the UK selection panel, as reported in The Independent, have torn up the form guide and have selected the crooner of the 1960s, Engelbert Humperdinck to sing on behalf of the United Kingdom. Previously the singer had attempted to be selected for the competition but lost out to the song "Jack In The Box".
Engelbert Humperdinck was born Arnold George Dorsey in 1936. He is probably best known for his international hit song "Please Release Me" in 1967. He also had hits with "The Last Waltz", "There Goes My Everything" and "A Man Without Love."
The song that will be sung by Humperdinck in the competition has yet to be announced. It has been revealed by the BBC that the song will be written by Grammy award-winning producer Martin Terefe and Ivor Novello winner Sacha Skarbek, who co-wrote James Blunt hit You're Beautiful.
As to how well Humperdinck will to, this remains to be seen. Whether he is a popular choice or not seems to have divided opinion according to a survey in The Daily Telegraph, where the music critic called it "an act of desperation or a stroke of genius " and noted the announcment had been met with a "mixture of surprise, praise and barely concealed incredulity."
The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 26 May 2012.