Just Out: The Grand Slam 1984 Tour Guide

Posted Feb 26, 2012 by Alexander Baron
Scandinavia's Number 1 Phil Lynott fan has now published the complete 1984 tour guide for Grand Slam, lavishly illustrated with dozens of scans.
Thin Lizzy performing in Newcastle  April 1979  photographed by a die hard fan. In the background is...
Thin Lizzy performing in Newcastle, April 1979, photographed by a die hard fan. In the background is lead guitarist Gary Moore, who like Phil Lynott is now sadly no longer with us.
For years, Peter Nielsen has been slaving away documenting the life and career of Philip Parris Lynott with special reference to Thin Lizzy. After Phil disbanded Lizzy, he put together a short lived group called Grand Slam. Now, Nielsen and his team have completed the chronology of the 1984 Grand Slam tour just for you.
Numerous fans have contributed articles, advertisements and photographs, and have been credited. Like all fan sites, this is a labour of love, and if you don't understand why, check out some of the footage of the band, of Phil solo, with Gary Moore, and most of all Thin Lizzy on YouTube. For the background to some of Phil's songs, check out the on-line SongFacts database which is managed by American musicologist Carl Wiser.