Sunday Times photographer wounded in Syria, pleads for help

Posted Feb 23, 2012 by Marcus Hondro
A photojournalist who works for the Sunday Times is wounded in the besieged Syrian city of Homs and has sent out a video pleading for help. Paul Conroy was hurt in the same rocket attack that killed an American reporter and a French photojournalist.
Wounded photographer Paul Conroy sent out video to ask for help and assure loved ones he was okay
Wounded photographer Paul Conroy sent out video to ask for help and assure loved ones he was okay
Photo Courtesy Paul Conroy
Conroy sent out the video on Thursday, the day after the rocket attack. He is seen in the video lying in a bed that consists only of blankets and cushions and with what appears to be a drip in his hand. "I was wounded in a rocket attack yesterday," he says. "Three large wounds to my leg. My colleague Marie Colvin was also killed in the same attack." Besides the Sunday Times reporter Colvin, French photographer Remi Ochlik was also killed.
"Obviously any assistance I can be given by government agencies would be welcome," Conroy said. He went on to state that posting the video on YouTube was done in part to let friends and family back home know that he was "absolutely okay." Conroy, 47 and from Liverpool,, has also worked for the BBC.
Photojournalist: Helped by Free Syria Army
Conroy said that he is being helped by the "Free Syrian Army medical staff, who are treating me with the best medical treatment available. It's important to add that I am here as a guest and have not been captured." In the distance sounds of explosions can be heard on the video.
The British Foreign Office in London has issued a statement saying they are working on getting Conroy out and retrieving the body of Colvin. They have summoned the Syrian ambassador to London and are insisting Syria take steps to get their citizen out of Homs and home safely.
The Syrian Army, loyal to the country's president, Bashar al-Assad , is battling the Free Syria Army, made up in part of disaffected members of the Syrian Army, in what has turned into a full-out civil war.