Video of 'world's largest rope swing' goes viral

Posted Feb 16, 2012 by David Silverberg
The latest human feat to go viral is the world's largest rope swing, or so the video uploader claims. Made by stunt creator Devin Graham, the video shows a group of thrill-seekers swinging through a canyon, reaching gut-wrenching heights.
A scene from the video World s Largest Rope Swing  showing a man swinging through the Corona Arch in...
A scene from the video World's Largest Rope Swing, showing a man swinging through the Corona Arch in Utah
YouTube screenshot/devinsupertramp
Within 24 hours of the video posting date, World's Largest Rope Swing has attracted more than 61,000 views and 1,700 comments. The 3-minute vid displays some intense daredevil feats, as men and women swing a rope around an overhang and buckle themselves in for a careening ride through the Corona Arch of Moab, Utah.
Filming took two days. The rope was connected to five different anchors and placed over the arch and then was looped to the ledge where the swingers jumped from. The pendulum-type swing is made from 150 feet of rope, the freefall is 130 feet, the rope catches and then shoots the rider back up around another 100 feet.
In some shots, you see the adventurers from their perspective, using GoPro cameras. Another video explains how the filmmakers got all their shots.
Devin Graham and his team are no stranger to outdoor stunts and wild tricks. Their previous video Human Slingshot Slip and Slide has attracted 3 million views, and his stunt involving a bike jump into a pond enjoys similar high viewership.
Graham mentioned on his Twitter account he will start shooting other YouTube videos in Kenya next month.