The 12-year-old who saved his grandmother from foreclosure

Posted Feb 9, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Noah Lamaide has saved his grandmother from foreclosure. The 12-year-old has been active in community service since the age of 9.
Noah is 12 years old  and runs a web site to literally make people s dreams comes true.
Noah is 12 years old, and runs a web site to literally make people's dreams comes true.
Noah's Dream Catcher Network
His grandmother, Janice Sparhawk, has been a foster parent to hundreds of local children in the Wisconsin town. When foreclosure recently threatened her 100-year-old home, Noah sprung into action to prevent this.
His grandmother, who is 72, fell behind on her mortgage payments after taking out a loan in 2010 to repair the roof of her 1900 home. Due to ill health, Sparhawk was forced to stop work, making it hard to keep up the mortgage payments and her home, which has been in the family for 3 generations, was slated to go up for auction on 15 February 2012.
Noah, with his mother’s help had previously set up a website called Noah’s Dream Catcher Network in order to promote charity projects. Noah's "about us" tells us:
"My Name is Noah Lamaide. I am 12 yrs old. Each year I do a community service project in the hopes of helping others in need. I have been blessed with wonderful Family & Friends. Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. This is the reason I choose to start Noah's Dream Catcher Network. I want to help others and make a difference in the world by asking people to reach out and help each other."
Once he knew about his grandmother’s problem, he decided to do his best to save her home. He wrote on his web site: "My Grandma, in case you don't know her, has a heart of gold. If I have 400 friends give $25.00 I can give her her home back for Valentines Day!!!"
The response was so overwhelming that within a month, Noah had received donations totaling $10,500. On Monday, he signed everything over to the local bank, which allowed Sparhawk to keep her historic house.