Michelle Obama shows us what she's made of on Ellen

Posted Feb 2, 2012 by Lewis McCathie
Michelle Obama showed viewers what she's made of while on Ellen Degeneres' chat show yesterday while on her tour of California promoting her fitness program.
2011 President Barack Obama portrait with his family at the White House
2011 President Barack Obama portrait with his family at the White House
Pete Souza
Daily Mail reports that Mrs Obama dropped to floor to show off to the audience how many push ups she could do, prompting Ellen to join her.
The challenge started when daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres asked the U.S First Lady on her show:
"How many push-ups can you do? Because I like to do a push-up."
"I don't know I can do some - can you? I know you've got these back issues," Mrs Obama joked.
The pair started doing the push-ups on the studio floor with the audience counting along - Mrs Obama completed an impressive 25 push ups.
'I thought it wouldn't be good to show off the first lady so I stopped,' quipped DeGeneres after quitting. '
I thought this looks bad that I'm going to beat her. I'm 54 and you're 48.'
Also during the show, the First Lady revealed some bedroom secrets with viewers, to the delight of the audience;
"He doesn't pick up his socks.
"He thinks he's neat but he has people who help him. I'm like it's not you that's neat. It's the people who pick up your socks. Those are the neat people," she admitted to Ellen.
Michelle Obama also joined Ellen in dancing along with the audience, a fun routine that Ellen carries out every episode along with her ecstatic fans in the audience.