Super Bowl ads going viral online

Posted Jan 31, 2012 by Chris Hogg
Standing around the water cooler on any given Monday, advertising is not usually the first conversation to be brought up. The one exception: The Monday after the Super Bowl. While not all of them have been released, these ads are making their way online.
Mr. Quiggly is a tiny French Bulldog featured in Skechers  ads
Mr. Quiggly is a tiny French Bulldog featured in Skechers' ads
Courtesy Skechers
There are a lot of reasons to love Super Bowl ads. It might be the use of social media; your love of dogs barking out the Star Wars theme song; or maybe it's just a passing interest in seeing what companies are producing and paying $3.5 million to air at this year's Super Bowl game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.
Whatever your reason, Super Bowl ads are often a great way to entertain yourself while being part of the group who will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings on Sunday.
Not all of the ads have been released as of yet, but it looks as though this year may see some pretty cool innovation. That, and dogs. Lots of dogs.
First up on the innovation front is Coca-Cola. As we reported yesterday, their Super Bowl spot will feature Arctic polar bears watching the game, responding to fans and commenting on what's happening. So if the Giants are winning, the animated bears will talk about the lead, their actions manipulated on the fly by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. And if there is another wardrobe malfunction, a bear will cover a cub’s eyes.
Here are other videos that have been released prior to the Super Bowl. Tell us which one is your top pick in the comments below, or share links with us to other Super Bowl videos we need to know about!
Doritos - Man's Best Friend
Volkswagen's "The Bark Side"
Suzuki "Sled"
Chevrolet "Route 66"
Doritos - Hot Wild Girls
Audi Vampire Party
"Transactions" - 2012 Acura NSX
Doritos - Dog Park
New E*TRADE Baby
Doritos - Sling Baby
Honda CR-V - "Matthew's Day Off"
Samsung "Next Big Thing"