Female Ottawa teacher loses licence after sexual allegations

Posted Jan 30, 2012 by Andrew Moran
Joanne Leger-Legault, an award-winning Ottawa high school teacher, pleaded no contest to allegations that she had intimate relationships with at least four male students. Her licence has been revoked by the Ontario Teachers College.
Ottawa teacher Joanne Leger-Legault (left) holding an award.
Ottawa teacher Joanne Leger-Legault (left) holding an award.
Merivale High School
The Ottawa Carleton District School Board is in shock after one of its teachers admitted to having “inappropriate relations” with four male students. Joanne Marie Sylvie Leger-Legault, who has been teaching in the Ottawa area for 10 years, lost her job and teaching licence.
On Sept. 27, Leger-Legault issued a plea of no contest to allegations that she violated student/teacher boundaries by engaging in intimate behavior. The award-winning teacher was accused of, and later admitted to, kissing one of her students on the lips, participating in sexual intimacy, meeting with students outside of the school, driving students in her vehicle and exchanging text messages and emails.
According to the Ontario Teachers College, the alleged incidents took place at an unnamed Ottawa high school during the course of four years from 2001 to 2002 and 2005 to 2006 school years.
“The Member abused the authority and trust vested in her without regard for the well being of the students,” said the college in a statement. “The conduct of the Member was unacceptable, in conflict with the duty of a teacher and a breach of the public trust.”
The statement also noted that the organization made the decision to publish the teacher’s name due to the number of students involved, the length of the incidents and the nature of Leger-Legault’s behavior.
Ottawa Police told the Ottawa Sun that there is no record of any criminal charges being laid.
The Canadian Press reports that she remained a teacher until the end of 2010-2011 school year and the information was discreetly published at the beginning of this school year.
On the message board, people are leaving negative comments on anyone affiliated with the name.
“Has lost her teaching license for having **** relations with three male students......This is not indicative of a good teacher. It is unfortunate that someone who is placed in a position of trust with children would behave in such a manner,” wrote one commenter on a teacher at the AY Jackson Secondary School.
A photo has also made headlines from the Merivale High School that shows Leger-Legault with an award and three other teachers.
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