Django Unchained: new Tarantino movie begins shooting

Posted Jan 27, 2012 by Tim Sandle
Quentin Tarantino has begun shooting his new movie "Django Unchained" in California. The movie is set to be released on Christmas Day, 2012.
Quentin Tarantino (right) with Vitantonio Liuzzi (left) of Italy s Scuderia Toro Ross racing team du...
Quentin Tarantino (right) with Vitantonio Liuzzi (left) of Italy's Scuderia Toro Ross racing team during the European Grand Prix.
Mathias Kniepeiss
According to Reservoir Watch, Quentin Tarantino has begun filming his new movie. The movie is titled "Django Unchained" and this is his first film since 2009's Brad Pitt starring "Inglourious Basterds". Tarantino has began shooting in Santa Clarita, California this week. Moviefone notes that the first shooting has been at a place called Melody Ranch.
Like other Tarantino pictures, the film is backed by The Weinstein Company.
The new movie has been is in the classic Tarantino mold of a revenge movie and is set during the time of slavery in the USA. The story centers on a recently freed slave called Django who assists a German bounty hunter. In return for his aid, the Bounty Hunter agrees to Django get revenge on the cruel Plantation owner, who has kidnapped Django's wife and seeks to put Django in chains once more.
To add to the plot, the movie is reportedly said to be in the tradition of a spaghetti western (like the classic "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"). New York Magazine describes the likely outcomes as "a mash-up of Western and slave drama". The L.A. Times reports an eyewitness reporter retelling a scene from this week's filming:
"On a cold, wet afternoon two cowboys trudge across a muddy street in a western town carrying saddles on their backs as a loud speaker blasts Jim Croce’s hit song "I got a Name.""
The cast signed up for Tarantino's new movie include Leonardo Di Caprio (as the Plantation owner), Jamie Foxx as the eponymous Django, and the Tarantino regular Samuel L. Jackson. The Playlist has recently announced that a newcomer, Danièle Watts will have a leading role in the film.
How the movie lives up to other Tarantino features can only be speculated at this stage. What is certain is that it won't be dull.