Op-Ed: Affairs made Newt 'more normal, electable' than Romney

Posted Jan 25, 2012 by Bill Schmalfeldt
It was on the Christian Broadcasting Network that GOP presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich admitted that it was his "love of America" that caused him to cheat on his wives.
Newt Gingrich explained to CBN s David Brody that his many affairs have made him seem  more normal  ...
Newt Gingrich explained to CBN's David Brody that his many affairs have made him seem "more normal" to the average joe.
Christian Broadcasting Network
Should we be surprised that Newt used the same vehicle to proclaim that his serial adultery makes him more "normal" and "electable" than Mitt Romney?
No. Really. He said that.
In an interview taped Tuesday morning with CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody, the former Speaker of the House said the media "just doesn't get" evangelical Christians because they “don’t start with a belief in the power of God.”
I understand that there’s a war against religion, and that I am prepared as you can see on in our 54 page paper on judgeships, I am prepared to actually fight back for the first time in our lifetime, and take on the judiciary when it is over-reaching, and when it’s trying to drive God out of life.
Brody asked Gingrich what he's learned
from "the sentiment of forgiveness from evangelicals." Gingrich said he's just so doggone easy to forgive "because I have not hidden the facts of my life (except from his first two wives until he asked the second one to allow an open marriage six years into his affair with his current wife) that I have confessed my weaknesses, and that I have had to go to God for forgiveness and for reconciliation."
Well, folks still send money to Jimmy Swaggart, don't they?
"So I think in that sense it may make me more normal than somebody who wanders around seeming perfect and maybe not understanding the human condition and the challenges of life for normal people,"Gingrich said.
So. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have each been married one time. They have normal families. No one has legitimately accused either of these men of adultery. But Newt's the one evangelicals identify with?
It's not the fact that Mitt's a Mormon. It's not the fact that the president is an African American. It's Gingrich's need for forgiveness that makes him just so gosh-darned huggable and forgiveness-worthy?
Waiter? Check please?
To his credit, Brody is a pretty good new analyst. In a follow-up to the interview, he gives five reasons why he believes evangelicals are cozying up to Gingrich.
1. Newt's strong words on radical Islam and Sharia Law. (Read that, "Newt hates Muslims.")
2. Newt's stand on Judeo-Christian principals (although not so much the former as the latter, and only when he isn't blatantly in violation of them).
3. Newt's pro-life stance. (Let the babies be born, so they can be taken from their single mothers, raised in Newt-a-toriums and then put them to work as janitors for 60 cents an hour at our nation's public schools.)
4. Newt's boldness and lack of political correctness. (Notice he never refers to President Obama as "President" Obama? Just "Obama." His hard core supporters hear the dog whistles like "food stamp president" and look forward to the day when Newt starts using the "n-word" with impunity so they can do it, too!)
5. Newt has no use for liberal judges. (Remember? He's going to send out the Federal Marshals and Capitol Police to drag them before him in chains should they issue a ruling he disagrees with.)
Lots of reasons for a good, rock-ribbed religiofascist to support Newt Gingrich right there, boy!
Considering those five points, its easy for one to close his eyes, plug her ears and just keep telling oneself, "he said he was sorry."
And at least he was born in the United States and isn't an "avowed Muslim" who thinks the Constitution is "passe". Right?