Severed head found near famous Hollywood sign

Posted Jan 18, 2012 by Arthur Weinreb
Police will continue to search for missing body parts after two dog walkers discovered a human head in a plastic bag near a popular hiking trail.
The sign.
The sign.
Yesterday afternoon, two women were walking nine dogs on a hiking trail in Bronson Canyon, just below the Hollywood sign. Two of the dogs began playing with a plastic bag.
Sgt. Mitzi Fierro, of the Los Angeles Police Department said, While the dogs were playing with it, at some point the object came out of the bag and as they discovered it was a head. A severed head.
The women contacted park rangers who in turn called the LAPD.
As reported in The Telegraph, police believe the head had been placed there recently. They noted there was an absence of animal bites and decay on the severed part. The head is described as that of an Armenian American male in his 40s with salt and pepper hair.
Police immediately closed the trail, brought in cadaver dogs, and began searching for other body parts. None were found when the search was halted at dusk. Police are guarding the area so the crime scene will not be compromised.
As of this morning, police have no idea whose head it is and there are no reports of missing people in the area that fit the description. Sgt. Fierro said there are several ways an identification can be made. Dental records can be used and as there had been no decomposition, a sketch of the head can be made and released to the public.
People who use the trail, mainly to walk dogs, are naturally uneasy about the grizzly find.
Police will resume the search at dawn this morning.