Israeli fights back against Saudi credit card hackers

Posted Jan 11, 2012 by Lesley Lanir
In retaliation to the Saudi credit card cyber attack, a 17-year-old Israeli hacker identified as Omer Cohen, nicknamed, "0xOmer," said that he's released hundreds of Saudi credit card numbers and a list of personal information.
Last week, Group-XP a Saudi hacking team claimed it had obtained personal information including credit card details of close to half a million Israelis. A hacker known as ‘0xOmar’ boasted that the information was available online. Investigations by the credit card companies and the Bank of Israel, confirmed that only the details of about 15,000 active cards had been published.
According to Israel’s news site, Haaretz, later in the week another hacker, identifying himself as "X," and a part of "Group-XP” downloaded another personal information file. One of Israel’s largest banks, Bank Leumi, cautioned Israelis not to download the new file, in case it contained spyware.
Haaretz reports that on Tuesday, January 10, Israeli hacker, ‘0xOmer,’ had released a list of over 50,000 Arab citizens, including credit card numbers from several Gulf states as well as Iran.
Israel’s Ynet news reports that the details are mainly of Saudi citizens and that some Syrian, Indian, Egyptian and US citizens are also listed.
The young hacker said he had released personal information but would not release card verification value (CVV) so purchases could not be made.
Haaretz quotes his message was:
To signal to the Arabian regimes (of enemy states, mind you) that they must act against the criminals that are orchestrating these attacks from their territory.
The hacker continued to say that if the cyber attacks continued, he would hack into Saudi royal family and government accounts
"If the state won't deter against criminals and terrorists in cyberspace, we the citizens will," the hacker added.
Ynet news also reports that on Tuesday a top Saudi banking official refuted the Israeli report that a hacker had obtained detailed information and released it. They also write that Talaat Hafez, secretary-general of the media office in Saudi Arabia’s banking authority, denies that Israeli hackers have threatened to release financial information if Saudi hackers expose more Israeli credit details on the internet.