BrandMyMail integrates Gmail usage with social network content

Posted Jan 10, 2012 by Andrew Moran
Interested in integrating your Gmail account with your various social networks? With BrandMyMail, you have the opportunity to customize your email messages by presenting your social media content.
A screenshot of
A screenshot of
With a large number of Internet surfers utilizing social media networks, some want to centralize their email with their social media content. offers a simple and free extension service where you can integrate social media content, such as Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress blog posts and YouTube, into your Gmail messages.
By heading on over to, users can create a customized template that can include any type of social information you want. Do you have products available on eBay? Then you can add that into your email. Do you have recently published photos on Flickr? Why not add it into your email?
Users always have the choice of previewing every email message before sending it out.
The service is only available through Gmail accounts that run on PCs utilizing Google Chrome or Firefox and on iPads and iPhones. Android usage and other email providers are currently in development.
“BrandMyMail offers small and medium businesses a new way to promote themselves and really establish a distinctive brand through a custom social signature,” said co-founder of BrandMyMail, Limor Schweitzer. “It becomes an additional channel to integrate email communication with social networks, so a simple email can be a vehicle for teaching potential customers or partners about the latest marketing initiatives or other important announcements. BrandMyMail is ideal for various business units, for example customer care staff who respond to prospective or current customers via email.”
This service was launched in 2011 by three co-founders, Israelis Shay Rojansky, Schweitzer and Portuguese entrepreneur Roberto Varela.
Stay tuned because BrandMyMail is currently in the stages of further funding, which means they will be providing updates to this unique service and other developments in the future.