Suspect brings story of armed robbery right to newspaper

Posted Jan 9, 2012 by Marcus Hondro
The Edmonton Sun newspaper did not need to go very far to get the story on the capture of a robbery suspect when the man, in an attempt to avoid pursuing police officers, ran right into their building.
Sometimes running away requires a little thought.
Sometimes running away requires a little thought.
Photo by and courtesy of Nigel Homer
A man armed with a knife robbed a Domos gas bar about one kilometre away from the newspaper's home in Edmonton's Sun Media building. After getting away with an undisclosed amount of money the man fled in the direction of the newspaper's building.
Suspect takes story to Edmonton Sun
Police said the suspect wasn't hard to track as citizens saw him run by and when a police officer followed they let the officer know which way he ran. In an attempt to avoid capture the fleeing man ran into the Sun Media building and sat down in the lobby. He soon asked Sun staff member Dwayne Allen if he could use the washroom and when Allen said no the man simply walked back out the front door where the police were.
"He was looking to hide basically, and found it was a dead end for him in there so he came back out and more or less into the arms of our guys waiting for him," Edmonton police Staff Sgt. Mike Woodman told the QMI news agency . "It doesn't seem very smart to anybody. I can't tell you what was going through his mind but I can tell you that it wasn't a very sophisticated robbery."
Reporter follows story to her office
The Edmonton Sun quoted one of their very own reporters, who, on her way back to work from lunch had spotted cops and started following them in hopes she'd get a story. That lead reporter Angelique Rodrigues all the way to her own building. "It felt surreal to follow the cops back to my own office building," she said.
Police arrested a 23-year-old man without further incident.