Boko Haram has infiltrated government, says President Jonathan

Posted Jan 9, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
President Jonathan, speaking at a church service held at the National Christian Center to mark the 2012 Armed Forces Remembrance Day, said that the militant Islamic sect Boko Haram, has infiltrated the three arms of government at the federal level.
Jonathan Goodluck  Nigeria  President.
Jonathan Goodluck, Nigeria, President.
Jonathan Goodluck
Jonathan said that combating Boko Haram is complicated by the fact that members of the Boko Haram sect are in the armed forces, the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of government.
According to President Jonathan, the situation in the country is worse than during the civil war of the 1960s.Vanguard reports that he said:
“...this is a...time when the country has major security challenges. There are explosions everyday, people are dying and are being killed daily without any reason. It is a period we also call on the armed forces, including those that have retired, to join hands with their colleagues that are still in service and government to see how collectively we can protect our nation. I believe we will overcome our immediate challenges. The situation we have in our hands is even worse than the civil war that we fought."
Jonathan added:
"I remember when I had a meeting with elders from the North East and some parts of the North West where the Boko Haram phenomenon is more prevalent, somebody said the situation was bad that even if one’s son is a member, one will not even know. That means that if the person will plant a bomb behind your house, you won’t know. That is how complex the situation is."
Jonathan also sermonized on the influence of greed and selfishness as the major causes of corruption in the country. He said that the greed of one man could lead to the corruption of an entire nation.
Conspiracy theories: Is Nigeria targeted for destruction?
President Goodluck's statement will be taken by Nigerian analysts as lending credence to recent allegations by an American, Gordon Duff, who describes himself as a "security specialist with decades of experience in Nigeria." In his article on Veteran's Today, titled, "Nigeria: Targeted for Destruction," Duff made allegations that some have criticized as "wild." The core of Duff's allegation is that: "There are no real interests to control the activities of Boko Haram because of the vested interests of certain foreign governments in collusion with their agents in the present administration and the country."
Duff alleged that: "Sources within the Intel community have confirmed that Boko Haram is getting Intel assistance from senior Nigerian intelligence officials. To these officials, this is a means to an end...Certain people are benefiting financially from the current security situation in the country, from inflated security contracts. One such individual from within the presidency recently placed orders from a North American and Middle East country located near Tel Aviv."
Duff alleged that there is an international organization ("call it 'globalist' if you want") located "near Tel Aviv" that "creates a simulated terrorist environment as 'deception and cover' for a series of other activities in [a targeted region]. According to Duff, the organization located "near Tel Aviv" has a plan to destabilize Nigeria in the same way it did the United States. Duff explains how the alleged organization has implemented its plan in Nigeria:
“First they began by blocking the new president from assuming real power, buying off key political and military leaders. Then a phony terror campaign was begun, like the one the US saw with 9/11. Then 'they' arrived with solutions. At the same time, 'they,' who have been working with the terror groups for years, are building an 'Al Qaeda' type organization that will be able to dart across borders and carefully orchestrate a pattern of destabilization using the same contractors that are going to be paid millions to help put in place security apparatus to protect the country. This happened in America, in a way at least. It is a plan long in motion."
Duff further alleged: “As we speak, plane-loads of bomb detection equipment are coming in from the same people who built the [Boko Haram] car bombs in the first place. War is being planned with the help of those who organized and armed the enemy.” comments on Duff's allegation, saying, "...Suddenly the pieces start falling into place. Why has Goodluck Jonathan not taken any determinate action against Boko Haram? How is it possible that such a group of menaces is able to arm, mobilize, transit and operate without any significant detection or deterrence from the Nigerian security services in towns very easy to control as we have in Northern Nigeria? With a doubling of security services up North, stop-and-search road blocks, bomb detectors and sniffing dogs and a few other security measures, there would definitely have been remarkable arrests and interrogation guided lead-up roundups. [Jonathan's] only noteworthy accomplishment being his contracting Israeli security experts to protect his presidential lodge."