Saudi man puts his son for sale on Facebook

Posted Jan 7, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
A Saudi father and businessman has taken the strange step of attempting to sell his young son on Facebook, for the staggering sum of $20 million.
Oil tanks near Yanbu in Saudi Arabia  the world s largest oil producer. - Photo by Mehmet Biber
Oil tanks near Yanbu in Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil producer. - Photo by Mehmet Biber
A failed Saudi businessman has taken an unusual step to evade the poverty which struck when his business failed. Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry has put his young son up for sale on Facebook, for the bargain price of $20 million.
Al Shahry spent his business days as a debt collector until the Saudi courts ruled his business to be illegal. The Labor Office refused him financial assistance he claims as he is over 35 years old.
According to Emirates 247 , Al Shahry resorted to the idea of selling his young son in order to raise enough money to ensure "a decent life to his mother and sister rather than living in poverty." His only stipulation regarding the sale of his child was to know which city the buyer resides in.
Russia Today reported that as child trafficking is actually illegal in the Saudi Kingdom the advertisement may have been placed to garner sympathy from a wealthy Gulf Sheik who may rescue Al Shahry from his financial troubles.
Saudi Arabia's 2009 Anti-Trafficking Law prohibits the sale of any person.