Massive brawl in Montreal restaurant caught on tape

Posted Jan 6, 2012 by Kim I. Hartman
A Montreal Chinese restaurant was the scene of a violent brawl between two groups of people who overturned tables and struck fellow diners with chairs while throwing dishes and glassware at each other.
YouTube screen grab
The wild fight was videotaped by restaurant patron Shawn Turnbull and posted on YouTube where it was titled "Chinese vs Blacks." The viral video has seen by thousands of people and shows significant damage to the business done by the rowdy group of people who were celebrating the New Year.
The incident took place at the New Dynasty Chinese restaurant in downtown Montreal and was featured on the popular website The Smoking Gun. Turnbull told TSG "that Montreal cops and paramedics arrived after the fight and two black guys were getting their wounds treated while Police were kind of asking around. I don't think arrests were made that night because the Asians fled the scene before police arrived.”
An employee of the New Dynasty restaurant told the Montreal Gazette there was $10,000 to $20,000 in damage to the premises. The unnamed employee said, “I don’t think they knew each other before. Everyone just started throwing things. One man was cut and fell to the ground. There was a lot of blood on the carpet.” So much blood, in fact, that the restaurant now needs to replace the carpet. The walls and ceilings were damaged and the lighting, too. Many dishes were thrown and broken."
Montreal police Lt. Ian Lafrenière said officers arrived within minutes of receiving the call. “When we got there it was over,” he said. The video is of little use to police because neither the restaurant owner nor those who were injured want to press charges, Lafrenière said. “It’s private property and nobody wants to take it further by pressing charges."