Polish grandmother, 73, moonlights as DJ

Posted Jan 6, 2012 by Nancy Houser
A 73-year-old-grandmother by the name of Wilka Smytz, a retired youth counselor, is the musical DJ at a Warsaw club that caters to senior citizens and the younger crowd. Her most popular music styles are samba, rumba, sensual disco and rhythmic beats.
DJ Wika Szmyt snapshot from her YouTube video.
DJ Wika Szmyt snapshot from her YouTube video.
You Tube
Playing three days a week, her dancing music is called Old Folks Disco Dancing. Grandmother Smytz's style of music is an inspiration to others her age, starting the feet tapping and the blood running. Grabbing a partner and twirling to her music of choice on the Pub Bokek Nowy dance floor is not the typical night out of an elderly person in a Warsaw dance club. Its better. Just ask the younger crowd.
Upon hearing of Wilka and her DJ music, photographers have begun taking pictures and capturing her 73-year-old youthful exuberance, filled with overwhelming charm and charisma. As a DJ in a field that typically belongs to the younger crowd, she is completely at her home in the music-filled atmosphere filled with a wide assortment of music style and up-to-date DJ equipment.
Enjoying her retirement, she spins music on Saturday, Sunday for retired seniors from her own self-taught musical beat. News anchors describe her as staying on the cutting edge of technology, while people half her edge cannot use an ipod.