'Dr Who' David Tennant marries

Posted Jan 2, 2012 by Tim Sandle
The tenth actor to play Doctor Who David Tennant has married his long term partner Georgia Moffett at a ceremony in London, it has just been announced.
David Tennant as Doctor Who
David Tennant as Doctor Who
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David Tennant and Georgina Moffett have wed.
The couple, who became engaged at the start of 2011, tied the knot on Friday evening (December 30) at an undisclosed location, attended by close family and friends. According to The Daily Mail, the couple celebrated their marriage the next day with a party and fireworks display at the Globe Theatre in London. The theatre is known for its Shakespeare productions.
The Daily Mirror reports that the wedding was attended by celebrities including Stephen Fry and Will Mellor.
David Tennant, 40, played Doctor Who between 2006 and 2009 before passing on the role to Matt Smith. One of the innovative features of the Doctor Who character is that he can "regenerate" and change himself into a new person when killed, this permits the lead actor to be changed periodically and partly accounts for the program being the world's longest running science fiction series, having begun in 1963. The most recent episode was the 2011 Christmas special, which was reviewed on the Digital Journal.
In keeping with the Doctor Who connections, Georgia Moffett, 27, is the daughter of fifth actor to play Doctor, Peter Davison (1981-1984). Georgina also DI Samantha Nixon’s daughter Abigail in the television drama "The Bill". Her mother is the actress Sandra Dickinson. To cement the connection further, Georgina played Jenny in the 2008 Doctor Who story "The Doctor's Daughter". It was on the set of this episode that, as Heat Magazine notes, that the couple first met.
According to The Metro, the couple's first child, Olive, was born at the end of March.