Monkey goes missing from San Francisco Zoo

Posted Dec 31, 2011 by Kevin Fitzgerald
Officials say that a squirrel monkey, named Banana Sam, went missing Friday after vandals had broken into the zoo and cut open two holes in the wire mesh cage and also cut the chain on the perimeter fence.
A squirrel monkey
A squirrel monkey
The Los Angeles Times reports that Banana Sam is 17-years-old and measures one feet in length. He weighs around two pounds.
Officials believe that the monkey was stolen.
Zookeepers warn that even though he may look cute, spider monkeys have sharp teeth and are known to attack if provoked, according to the Pocono Record.
As a bit of added humor, a twitter account has been set up in the monkey's name. Some of the tweets, as provided by ABC News, state:
“OMG YOU GUYS RAINFOREST CAFE IS NOT WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. It’s basically an Applebee’s with a “Sounds of the Jungle” CD playing. I’m out.”
“I’m a funny-looking vegan who ran away from home and who people follow on Twitter. IN other words, A NORMAL SAN FRANCISCAN.”
“Do you know any stores in SF that sell female squirrel monkeys? Asking for a friend.”
A private donor has issued a $5,000 reward for the monkey's safe return.