Verizon Wireless reverses decision on $2 'convenience fee'

Posted Dec 30, 2011 by Daniel Boyington
Verizon Wireless, who has over 91 million subscribers in the U.S., had announced they would charge $2 extra if you pay online or by phone. They would be charged extra to make 'single bill payments,' starting January 15. But now they are back-tracking.
Verizon s marketing
Verizon's marketing
They made the announcement this week but have quickly reversed their decision after customer complaints.
The original plan was to add a $2 fee unless the subscribers had setup automatic bill payment plan in many different ways, that Verizon indicate in their statement. It appears to be targeted at "single bill payment" customers who pay from month to month.
After the uproar from customers since the announcement, Verizon made an about face and said earlier today they would 'hang up' on the proposed increase.
Bank of America tried to institute extra fees for having an account with them earlier this year, and also cancelled the increased fees, for fear of losing customers.
This was unusual because customers are charged for paying their account late and this would have charged them if they paid on time, if they made single payments instead of recurring automatic deductions.