Couple turns in $12,000 found on street

Posted Dec 27, 2011 by Kevin Fitzgerald
An elderly Ohio couple found a sack of money laying in the middle of the street. Instead of making off with the cash, they decided to do a good deed and turn the money over to authorities.
According to UPI, the couple were out walking Wednesday night at around 8:15 pm when they discovered the cloth tan-colored bag of cash. reports that after turning the money over to authorities, the rightful owners of the money were traced through paperwork and had their money returned to them.
The couple who the money belonged to were planning to use it to buy a house in another state.
The woman who turned in the money with her husband stated:
We just did what Jesus would have done. My father was a minister and he always told me: 'Just do the right thing.'"
The good samaritan couple have chosen to remain anonymous.