Op-Ed: Predictions for 2012

Posted Dec 26, 2011 by Alexander Baron
Astrologers often make predictions for the year ahead about this time; here are a few made without the benefit of a crystal ball.
President Obama in Decorah  Iowa
President Obama in Decorah, Iowa
White House photo by Pete Souza
Barack Obama will be elected for a second, uneventful term. Alternatively, he will be ousted and the world will be plunged into yet another war.
There will be some truly amazing testimony from a surprise witness, and perhaps amazing scenes when the Leveson Inquiry resumes in January.
The so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission will rule that Mark Duggan was not killed unlawfully. Alternatively, one or more of the police officers concerned will be charged with some offence. Even if the charge proferred is murder, the plod(s) concerned will be remanded on bail and suspended on full pay until their trial, which may not be for another two years, during which time the CPS will lose the papers. In the event of a trial, the prosecution will present a half-hearted case, and even if it doesn't throw in the towel at some point, the judge will sabotage the proceedings or sum up so outrageously for the defence that the jury will feel obliged to acquit.
There will be a massive earthquake - somewhere in the world.
A notorious serial killer will be brought to book - somewhere in the world.
There will be a massive scandal involving politicians taking bribes - somewhere in the world.
A youthful celebrity will die in tragic or mysterious circumstances - somewhere in the world.
Convicted murderess Linda Carty will strike a blow for women's rights by becoming only the 52nd woman to suffer judicial execution in the United States since Dora Wright in 1903.
Her execution will be witnessed by Clive Stafford Smith whose air fare will be paid by Verity Rhiannon Mackworth-Praed and her rich Daddy. Carty's last words will be “On the whole I'd rather be in Philadelphia”.