Soccer: Dutch Cup match cancelled after goalkeeper attacks 'fan'

Posted Dec 22, 2011 by Christopher Bates
A Dutch (KNVB) Cup match was abandoned last night, following an incident in which AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado attacked an Ajax "fan". After referee Bas Nijhuis issued Alvarado a straight red card, he cancelled the game just minutes later.
AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado attacks hooligan
AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado attacks hooligan
Eredivisle Live screen capture
The game, which took place at the Amsterdam Arena, was rudely interrupted by a 19-year-old drunken yob in the 36th minute.
The "supporter" ran towards Alvarado but was unsuccessful in his attempt to land a kick, before falling to the ground. The Costa Rican began to unleash several hard kicks to the bald-headed man, before stewards rushed onto the pitch to escort him away.
Referee Bas Nijhuis wasted no time in showing Alvarado a red card, despite large protests from his team-mates and manager Gertjan Verbeek.
According to the Daily Mail, Nijhuis said: "I understand that Esteban was defending himself, but he walked to him (the supporter) and kicked him multiple times. He could also have walked away."
As reported by the Telegraph, Ajax director Jeroen Slop said: "This was a terrible incident and we deeply regret it and offer our sincere apologies. The supporter has been handed over to the police.
"It was a 19-year-old man who was probably under the influence of alcohol. He said he hated the AZ goalkeeper and had therefore attacked him."
Ajax were leading 1-0 at the time of the incident, although it's unknown whether or not the game will be replayed, according to Bert van Oostveen – director of the Dutch Football Association.