Is your cellphone watching you?

Posted Dec 7, 2011 by Daniel Lick
Spy software embedded in most cell phones is tracking and reporting on your calls, texts and location, reports researcher Trevor Eckhart.
Talking on cell phone.
Talking on cell phone.
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This spy software - Carrier IQ - is built in to many new cell phones. It does not show up in the menu and, in most cases, cannot be removed. The software reports on all of your activities including turning the phone on and off, your location, any key strokes you make, text messages and phone numbers.
Connecticut-based developer Trevor Eckhard was the first to bring this software to public attention.
Carrier IQ appears to be violating civil rights on a massive scale and several lawsuits have already been launched in the US under the Federal Wiretap Act.
The information collected is supposedly being used to monitor and improve performance, but is that the real end use of this information?
Rim's blackberry phones encrypt data making it difficult for government security agencies to intercept calls. When India threatened to ban their phones because of this, RIM eventually agreed to provide personal information on their customers activities, texts messages and phone calls.
India is not alone in its surveillance of cell phone activity. The Chinese government is watching and listening in, reportedly in an attempt to improve traffic patterns.
But don't think that only foreign governments monitor phone calls. Canadian security agencies can, and do, legally eavesdrop on any electronically transmitted calls.
It would appear, therefore, that it would be legal for CSE or any other government agency to intercept all cellular telephone calls... without a warrant.
If you carry a cell phone, your location, your calls, your texts and your web searches are all effectively and legally, public information.