Op-Ed: Couple caught having sex on water slide in Opoczno, Poland

Posted Dec 3, 2011 by Christopher Bates
While water parks are designed for everyone to have fun, one couple took it way too far in Poland, as they were caught making love before heading down a giant slide.
Three surveillance cameras.
Three surveillance cameras.
They were eventually thrown out of the park in Opoczno - a town in south-central Poland - and it was clear that the security guards were unimpressed, as they didn't even allow the couple to get changed.
A lifeguard later said: "They were at it for a good five minutes before anyone realised what was going on."
The couple may think twice before engaging in similar antics, as the photos have been plastered all over the Internet.
A spokesperson added: "This is a family pool and water park and we want everyone to have fun, but not that sort of fun."
As stated by the Daily Mail, the wearing of Speedos is banned at Alton Towers' Splash Landing resorts, in order to "maintain the family friendly atmosphere". Perhaps a similar policy should be adopted in Opoczno, thus frisky couples won't get the urge.