Op-Ed: Wild horses may keep Obama away

Posted Dec 2, 2011 by Larry Clifton
As a senator, President Barack Obama campaigned against horse slaughter, however on Nov. 18, he signed a measure making commercial horse slaughter legal once again in the U.S.
Wild horses in the U.S. descended from the horses that provided transportation and labor for buildin...
Wild horses in the U.S. descended from the horses that provided transportation and labor for building of the country. Horses have served the country in war and peace and as family pets for hundreds of years. In November, President Obama signed legislation that would allow horse slaughter for human consumption.
Tania Gail
It is not uncommon for presidents to buck against their own campaign promises, but Obama's latest flip flop approving horse slaughter is a bipartisan kick to the heart of millions of Americans. The president signed the measure almost immediately after it was approved by congress.
Obama signed off on the agriculture spending bill allowing Americans to kill and eat horses without fanfare about the same time as his highly-televised annual Thanksgiving ritual where he saved a turkey.
The level of President Obama's political insensitivity often baffles his supporters and pleases his detractors, however approving horse slaughter will siphon votes from the left, right and center and provides powerful campaign fodder for his opponents' campaigns.
Horses are part of American history and heritage. They pulled the settler's wagons and plows, helped build our cities and Pony Express carried mail across the young nation's vast deserts and rugged mountain ranges for decades. Most Americans are no longer reliant on horses, but the love and respect they feel for these beautiful, gallant creatures has never waned.
Of course there are people who profess the same feelings for horses as turkeys as well as a myriad of organizations lobbying the White House and Congress to approve horse slaughter for various reasons, mostly economic. But they are few in number compared to the overwhelming majority who want to see a ban on horse slaughtering.
A 2006 Public Opinion Strategies poll suggested nearly 70% of Americans supported a ban on equine slaughter as did other polls in 2006 when funding that allowed the slaughter of horses was cut. Since then, polls suggest support among Americans for a ban on equine slaughter for human consumption has grown. The recent Popvox poll revealed 77% of Americans support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, H.R. 2966/S.B. 1176, which would end the slaughter of American equines for human consumption.
A recent Rasmussen Poll report shows Newt Gingrich leading Barack Obama by two points which seems to imply the President's campaign is in dire need of political horsepower. Nevertheless, saving a single turkey while approving the ultimate slaughter of millions of horses could cause a voter stampede away from Obama's "billion dollar campaign."