Op-Ed: Consumer Spending Helps the Economy

Posted Nov 26, 2011 by Oscar Brooks
We all know how bad the United States economic condition is right now. In fact, it is pretty bad in other parts of the world. Spending by consumers does help the economy in different ways. We just need to start spending some of our cash.
The bad economy has touched just about everyone in the this country in one way or another. We can't just look at the Wall Street numbers each day. They tend to fluctuate up or down. We don't have to read the New York Times or Time magazine to see what's going on. Unemployment is high. Homes are being foreclosed by the hundreds and wages are not going up fast enough.
When consumers spend money at certain businesses, it helps other businesses in the area as well. This includes restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations and so on. When some of those businesses start doing well financially, they tend to grow. A growing business usually has a need to hire more employees. Jobs are desperately needed by millions of people in the United States. Consumers should think about that while they are spending money this Christmas season. "Black Friday" doesn't have to be the day after Thanksgiving. Why can't it be every week? Because it's a gimmick to get people into the stores.
If you have money to spend, go out and spend it. If you don't have money to spend, then don't spend. Spending to help out this economy is a good thing. It will help out businesses and put many people back to work. If only the effort put into the build up for the Christmas season could be done the rest of the year, then maybe the economy would be in better shape than it is now.