Op-Ed: Amish accused of hate crimes

Posted Nov 23, 2011 by Jesse Rutigliano
A rural Amish community in Southern Ohio has been shaken to its core after seven members of a breakaway sect were arrested for hate crimes.
The usually peaceful communities of the Amis religion have been under attack. The breakaway sect was lead by Samuel Mullet, a disgruntled high ranking figure of the Bergholz Amish community in Ohio. Mr Mullet is being accused of ordering his male followers (three of whom were his sons) to attack renegade members that left after refusing to obey Mr Mullets orders.
The men dragged several former members of the sect out of their homes and cut their beards and hair. There was one instance reported that a fourteen year old girl had her hair cut. There have been reports of a long standing dispute between Mullet's Ahmis sect (established in 1995) and the Amish bishops in the same area.
In The Amish religion it is believed that God wanted the Amish males to stop shaving once they have been married, but, are forbidden to grow a moustache. The women are expected to let their hair grow throughout their lives. Therefore, it is highly offensive to have one's beard and hair cut.
The FBI conducted a raid last week and is currently holding the accused in custody. No charges have been laid yet.