Vladimir Putin awarded Chinese Confucius Peace Prize

Posted Nov 15, 2011 by Katerina Nikolas
The winner of this years annual Chinese Confucious Peace Prize has been named as Vladimir Putin. A special ceremony will be held in Beijing in December to bestow the prestigious award.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
Presidential Press and Information Office
Tipped to be the returning President of the Russian Federation in 2012, Vladimir Putin has been awarded this years annual Chinese Confucius Peace Prize. Putin faced stiff competition from world famous names that Time report included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, South African President Jacob Zuma, and a Tibetan monk.
This will be the second year that China has bestowed its prestigious peace award. The Confucious prize was first awarded in 2010, after jailed Chinese writer Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peach Prize. Last years prize went to former Taiwanese Vice President Lien Chan, Business Insider reported, but she failed to attend the ceremony.
A ceremony to mark this years event is due to be held in Beijing on Dec. 9, the day before the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo. It is too early to predict if Putin will walk away with both prizes.
Putin scooped the Chinese award because "This April or May, Putin was against Nato's idea to bomb Libya and he appeared to the world in a peaceful manner" Qiao Damo explained. Qiao is a Chinese poet and one of the organizers of the prize. He went on to say "This year's peace prize was given to him because his act this year was outstanding in keeping world peace." (The Telegraph) The fact that NATO proceeded to bomb Libya in spite of Putin's objections appears to have been overlooked.
Qiao said that there are 16 people whom comprise the judging committee which operates under the auspice of China's Ministry of Culture. However the Chinese government has appeared to try and distance itself from the prize.
Russia has not reacted to the news of Putin's win and it remains unknown if Putin himself is aware of the rare distinction he has achieved.