Quran burning pastor Terry Jones plans to stand for president

Posted Nov 4, 2011 by Katerina Nikolas
Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who obtained international notoriety for burning the Qur'an, is planning to stand for president in 2012.
Pastor Terry Jones of Florida
Pastor Terry Jones of Florida
Dove World Outreach Centre
Florida pastor Terry Jones gained international notoriety when he first threatened to burn the Holy Qu'ran at Ground Zero, New York, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Persuaded to cancel this plan, he then went ahead and burned a copy of the Qu'ran in March 2011, prompting deadly riots in protests in Afghanistan. Now the hate-mongering preacher is planning to stand for President in 2012, and will campaign under the message "Stand up America Now."
His seven point plan, outlined in full in at the Stand up America Now website, covers deporting all illegals from the U.S.; reducing military spending; reducing bureaucracy; reducing corporate taxes; stopping overspending; balancing the budget; and saving $400 billion a year. Surprisingly his campaign does not mention protecting the U.S. from sharia law even though he is photographed campaigning outside the White House holding a placard that reads "Ban sharia law in the U.S.A."
It's a safe bet to assume that Jones won't attract any Muslim voters. According the NY Daily News, Jones issued a press release which stated "Please financially support us as we continue our stand against radical Islam."