Israel test-fires missile with nuclear warhead capabilities

Posted Nov 2, 2011 by Nancy Houser
On Nov. 2, 2011, a picture was taken near Israel’s Palmachim military base, showing the launching of a rocket-propulsion missile capable of sending a nuclear warhead to the Middle East and Europe.
Gilad Shalit salutes Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after landing in IDF airbase in the ce...
Gilad Shalit salutes Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after landing in IDF airbase in the center of Israel.
Israel Defense Forces
“Iran's atomic activities are viewed in Jerusalem, Washington and other capitals as a pathway to a nuclear weapons capability, though Tehran has maintained it has no intention to build such armaments.” (Global Security)
Israel today carried out the test-firing of a rocket propulsion system from the Palmachim base,” a ministerial statement said. “This had been long-planned by the defense establishment and was carried out as scheduled.”
According to Nuclear Threat Initiative, “Israel has one of the most advanced ballistic missile programs in the Middle East.” However, specialists and experts disagree on the program’s status and its missile numbers, amidst inference that Tel Aviv is preparing a military strike on Iran.
Wikipedia-Ehud Barak, Israel Minister of Defense
Israeli Cabinet officials are under pressure to support the possible use of armed force against Iran, with Wednesday’s missile test-fire only slightly detailed by the Defense Ministry of Israel
Mainstream media, whether it is local or international, feels that the tested missile was Israel’s Jericho III, with the name Jerico given to the Israeli ballistic missiles of mass destruction.
reports that Jerico III began in 2008, believed to be inertial guided with a radar guided warhead and silo-based with railcar capabilities and mobile vehicle. It is possible for the missile to be equipped with one 750 kg nuclear warhead; it can also be equipped with one or two low yeald MIRV warheads.
“Israel and its allies are calling to put pressure on Iran over its alleged intention to produce a nuclear weapon.” (Russia Today) Tehran is denying the accusations, but history shows that Israeli air forces have attacked sites which are thought to be nuclear facilities---Iraq in 1981 and Syria in 2007.