'Slow-Poke' app available on Facebook

Posted Oct 29, 2011 by Leigh Goessl
Last month at Facebook's f8 developers conference comedian Andy Samberg had spoofed Mark Zuckerberg just before the social network giant's CEO was due to give his keynote speech.
The Examiner
During his spoof Samberg had introduced several fake features, however according to David Cohen, All Facebook, one of his parodies is now a reality. The new app, called 'Slow-Poke', was developed by virtual goods provider IFeelGoods.
What this app does is provide users with a 24-hour lag time to poking, just in case someone who pokes another Facebook member changes their mind. All Facebook describes the app, as giving users "24 hours to call take-backs on your late-night pokin’ and to help you remember who you poked.” In other words, no more need for morning-after apologies.
IfeelGoods is a winner of the 2011 Web 2.0 Startup Showcase and has popular brand-name clients, such as and Gap, that use the company's service to "make online retail promotions more effective and less expensive by using relevant digital goods and virtual currencies in place of traditional promotions such as discounts, coupon codes or gifts with purchase."
The company describes itself as one with the core values of innovation, integrity and candor. IFeelGoods says social media is a specialty, creativity is considered an important value, and the company highly integrates its patent-pending technology to bring results to its clients.
It seems while there are many rogue apps, scams and other questionable features that emerge on the popular social network, there really is such a thing as 'Slow-Poke'.
How popular this feature will be has yet to be seen, but if you have an urge to poke someone and think you might later change your mind, there's an app for that.